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Cake Licks by Bethah

Whatever tickles your fancy when it comes to sweet teeth, Cake Licks by Bethah got your covered. For those of you who enjoy a chocolaty filled bite then Cake Licks by Bethah has a variety at your disposal; there's Milk Chocolate Cake which is divine, Fudge Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel (this is a favourite) Chocolate Oreo for those who like to mix it up with candy, mixed and assorted flavours from Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Lemon, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Strawberry, the list is endless; name it.
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There's also special options entailing the use of Almond, Cassava or Rice Flour to bake your cakes! If allergic to some ingredients are also covered! There are Eggless cakes which are still as sweet, sugar free cakes for those with medical issues, anyone is simply viable to enjoy cake! Nothing should hold you back from this type of delight. Themed cakes for your little ones are also available with all their favourite superheros, football teams or whatever games they like; customisation and delivery to your specifications. Orders to be placed 24 hours prior, Cake Licks by Bethah is based along Karen/Ngong road.
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Delivery is free within the CBD. Feel free to get in touch on 0721437320 or 0736257738

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