Why Angry?

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The man that was possessed by the legion of demons was so completely yielded to the devil, till the devil used his tongue to talk.

Someone can be so completely yielded to God till God can use his tongue to talk.

He was so possessed of that evil spirit, and that spirit had him so close till those demons knew their time had come, because they had met Perfect Love. And they said, “We’ll try him, We know who you are. Why you in that little bitty body like this, little frail-looking fella?” Said, “Why are you coming like that?” Said, “We know who you are. You’re the Holy One of Israel, and why do you…?” (Now watch! If you don’t believe that there’s a future torment for devils, listen to these confess it.) “Why comest thou to torment us before the time comes?” They know there’s a future torment. “Why comest thou to torment us before the time comes?” Do you see it?

And Jesus said, “What’s your name?” He knew; He wanted them to confess it.

Said, “We’re Legion, for there’s many of us.”


A little frail fellow like Jesus standing there, and a man that could whip almost an army; chains couldn’t even hold him. This proves that it isn’t physical strength. That isn’t what counts. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit that’s in your life that counts.

He said, “Don’t torment us before the time comes; but if you’ll cast us out (Look at the meaness of them, the wickedness.) If you are going to cast us out, don’t let us just go free out into the world, ’cause hard tell where we’ll get into somebody else. If you’ll cast us out - We want to be in somebody; we want to do something; we want to do some more meanness.” That’s the devil. “I’ll get back with him. Hmm!” That’s the devil. “I’ll get even with him.” Just remember, it’s your brother standing there, but the devil got on him. “Let us do something mean. We can make these Gadarenes over here suffer for this,” might have said the head, one of them. Said, “Let us go down in that herd of swine.”

Jesus said, “Take your leave. But come out of him!” Oh, my! Little bitty guy like that speaking to that big legion of devils. “Come out of him! You have your leave.” And they got into those hogs, and they had fits, run them hogs into fits.

And down the way they went to the river, and drowned in the river, choked themselves in the river.

Of course the devils went out of them, ’cause it killed the hogs. It just run them into a fit. They had a fit just like anyone. Did you ever see a person have a temper fit? Well, that’s just what it is. That’s just them devils. That’s what happened to them. You ever see one of them having a temper fit, you say, “Uh huh, I know what happened in Gadara now.” That’s just exactly. Just a few more come in there, run him completely insane; ’cause the medical doctor will tell you that temper is the first stage of insanity.