The Deception

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Adam sinned, got condemned, and was driven from the garden of Eden by God. The redemptive robe over him proved that (the issue of being naked).

Adam sinned wilfully. Eve was actually deceived. But Adam was not deceived. He deliberately sinned; knowing what he was doing, because of his wife. He took position with his wife.

Then they went before God and both of them was condemned.

And Jesus, not ignorant of what He was doing, came down, and took His place with the sinner, the Church, that He might redeem the Church back to Himself. It was a type.

Adam was first and Christ is the second Adam. Where through first Adam all die; through second Adam all live.

Adam did sin. But he did it with his eyes wide open.

In Timothy 3 it said that Adam was not deceived. But the woman, being deceived, was in the transgression.Serpent
Eve actually thought she was right. But Satan deceived her. But he didn’t deceive Adam. He knew it was wrong.

But because of the love for his wife, he represented himself with sin and was condemned by the same. And cast out of the garden of Eden.

And Christ represented Himself with the Church full of sin, and was condemned, and His soul went to hell. And God raised Him up on the third day.

God wouldn’t have sent Him to hell pure. He had to send Him to hell condemned (Do you see it?), because He took our sins.

And Christ died, not righteous; Christ died a sinner. Christ never sinned Himself, but He took our sins on Him.