The Revelation of Faith

All of us can turn the pages of the Bible and see that God performs miracles: Moses parted the Red Sea, Elijah called a famine, Jesus walked on the water, and the disciples healed the sick.

There are thousands of miraculous events recorded in the Bible. If God bears witness with signs and wonders, then where are His miracles today? Can He heal cancer like He healed leprosy in the Bible? What about AIDS or malaria? Can He still perform a miracle? Yes, God still performs miracles and these signs follow them that believe.

Now, look friends, think of King George of England, when he was healed with multiple sclerosis, when we had prayer for him. Think of Florence Nightingale, (her grandmother, the founder of the Red Cross), was about sixty pounds of weight, laid dying yonder with a cancer on the duodenal of the stomach, laying there dying. A little dove flew into the bush there and the Spirit of God come and said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD, she shall live.” And she weighs a hundred and fifty-five pounds in perfect health.

Think of Congressman Upshaw setting bound in chairs and bed for year after year, for sixty-six years. And right in a moment’s time raised to his feet, run through the building, touched his toes, was perfectly made normal and well.

Just think of the thousands and thousands of people that’s been healed. Why set we here until we die? Let’s do something about it.

Have faith if you are sick or in need. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever, so if He was able to perform a miracle two-thousand years ago, then He is able to do the same today. He promised us that we are healed, if we would only believe.

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